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เครื่องรัดกล่อง TNT 502

semi-automatic table strapping machine with electronic tension control for fine strapping of the tapes width 5mm. Compared to the model 202 machine straps sensitive products with a higher risk of damage such as envelopes, magazines, cardboard, and more.

Product parameters:

Strapping machine type without frame (semiautomatic)
Strap type PP – Polypropylene
Width of strap 5-13 mm
Performance of the machine up to 30 cycles per minute
Method of strap connecting welding – heater
Machine weight 70 kg
Working height 780-950 mm
Strap tightening force 8-45 kg
Operating voltage 220V – 50/60Hz – 1PH
Minimum size of the product 80x30 mm





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